We specialize in mini-documentaries.

Rajala Pro Shop / Mira & Thilda

Swedish sisters Mira and Thilda create sensitive and atmospheric photographs. This is how they describe their philosophy: "In our opinion a good photo is more about the feeling rather than being technically perfect.  It can be a feeling of nostalgia, freedom or something else you can relate to". We spent a few days with these children of nature with our camera. Check out how the ideas and images of this creative duo come about!

Golfpiste Travel /
Wales - the great unknown

Documentary of one of the world's most beautiful railway routes and four over one hundred years old links golf courses along it. Hop on the train with us and enjoy the incredible scenery and the unique atmosphere of South West Wales.

Rajala Pro Shop / Markus Varesvuo

"A quiet backlit morning, it's freezing, the breath is hazy, black grouses are fighting. That`s the moment I am looking for." 
This is how the famous bird photographer Markus Varesvuo described his mission when we set out on his journey to the rugged landscapes of Kuusamo to hunt for a perfect picture of the fighting black grouses.

Rajala Pro Shop / Martina Wärenfeldt

How to find your own visual voice as an artist? In this mini-documentary fine art photographer Martina Wärenfeldt tells how she found her own visual style partly by chance when she was photographing her own daughter.

A boat builder's dream

A mini-documentary of Edy Sarin, the founder of Sargo Boats. It is an uplifting story about an entrepreneur who had a dream to build world-class boats in small city of Kokkola on the southwest coast of Finland.

The video is part of the 400-year anniversary campaign of the city of Kokkola.

Rajala Pro Shop / Meeri Koutaniemi

In this episode of Rajala Pro Shop`s "Behind the image" series, photojournalist and visual artist Meeri Koutaniemi talks about her motives, methods and sources of inspiration.

Haminan Energia / corporate video

Haminan Energia Oy is a versatile and modern energy company owned by the city of Hamina. We made a company film for them, which introduces not only the company itself, but also the beautiful city of Hamina, which is closely linked to it.

Rajala Pro Shop / Daniel Taipale

Daniel Taipale has made adventure a job for himself. "I am grateful for that every day. My office is where I am." The lighthouse island of Isokari is an inspiring place. We spent a couple of days there during Daniel's trip and watched how Daniel's pictures are created.

Rajala Pro Shop / Swap it 

"Swap it" is a Rajala Pro Shop`s concept that allows photographers to easily upgrade their equipment to newer models. In this video, photographer Daniel Taipale presents three of his trusted pieces of equipment, which he always takes with him on a trip.

Kokkola / TV commercial

Kokkola is a beautiful old city. Enter here for a 20-second tour with a young couple and their well-worn bicycle.

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